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SmartView Xtend


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Magnify print items, pictures and objects for people with low vision.


Upgradeable base model offers Black and White or Full Color capacity. Auto focus. Zoom control. Flatscreen monitor with ergonomic positioning arm. Magnification from 3x to 68x, depending on the size of monitor used. Brightness control. Allows high contrast and false color enhancement. LED lighting.


Module 1: All base model features, plus Lines and Blinds, easy to use Page Locater, and magnification preset that returns to user set preference each time used. Module 2: All base and Module 1 features, plus calculator, clock and calendar. Module 3: All base and Module 1-2 features, plus computer access, footswitch, toggle and split screens, and multiple video modes.


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Freedom Machine 22

Freedom Machine 22
Vendor: Vision Technology
Affinity Basic CCTV

Affinity Basic CCTV
Vendor: Access Ingenuity, LLC

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