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Add-A-Grip // Ezgrip Pen /Tool Grip



Short Description

An add-on small grip with a finger comfort ledge built in. This allows the very slight pressure from a finger-tip a bare minimum to be applied. No squeezing is necessary. The pen/pencil with the applied grip is held lightly without falling out or through the fingers. Same as the Ezgrip ResQ Gel Pen


Makes pens, pencils or pencil-like tools easier to hold and use. The Ezgrip actually neutralizes finger, hand, wrist and arm difficulties from arthritis to carpal tunnel.. to broken arm or collar bones.


Soft molded grips slip onto pens / pencils. Write with a mere touch of the finger tip. Held lightly without slipping. No squeezing. Only one finger is needed for writing pressure. 3 grips per package.


For use by persons with arthritis, cramping / dystonia, Carpal Tunnel - any type of grip impairment or for just plain comfort. Used for finger stress relief as well as prevention of cramping, or other difficulties.


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