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Acrobat HD Ultra LCD Portable Video Magnifier


$2695.00 - $2995.00


Enlarges text and images and displays the enlarged images on a monitor screen.


Sony 1080P HD auto focus 3-in-1 camera for seeing up close, reading and distance viewing. Detachable Sony HD camera for use at multiple work stations. Various arms and positioning options provide maximum flexibility. True mirror image in self-viewing mode. Memory setting for each HD camera position. Compact size minimizes space needed on table or desk. Large field of view. 28 available viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness. Wrap around dual keypad allows easy access to controls.


22, 24 or 27 high resolution HD LCD monitors provide 1.7x to 95x adjustable magnification (varies with LCD size). Acrobat's protective custom-fit, padded, and durable Nylon Rolling Case is available for 22" or 24" models.


2 year warranty.


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