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AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle - Large Frame without Seat



Short Description

Large-size AmTryke is a therapeutic tricycle for children with disabilities. Rotating handlebars are attached to the same chain drive as the foot pedals, allowing riders arms and legs to propel the trike. Straps secure the feet to the weighted flat-form exerciser pedals, while hook-and-loop fastening torso and lap safety belts maintain the rider in the seat. A wide wheelbase and narrow turning radius provide low center of gravity stability. Large size is suitable for children approximately 8 years or older, height of at least 41 inches and inseam measurements of 21 to 32 inches. Features: 12-inch semi-pneumatic front wheel, 8-inch semi-pneumatic rear wheels, steering lock pin for graduated steering (forward, 20 degree left/right, free steering), 4-way adjustable seating (up/down and in/out), large knobs for easy adjustment and step-through front end for better hand/foot crank-to-seat alignment. Includes adjustable safety helmet. Red only.


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Vendor: School Specialty Special Needs

Vendor: School Specialty Special Needs
Terrier, Special Needs Tricycle

Terrier, Special Needs Tricycle

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