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C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner


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Short Description

C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner is a portable, pocket-sized, handheld device that reads printed text aloud with a human-like, high-quality digital voice in English with different accents: Irish, Scottish, Indian, Australian, Latin and American Spanish. Now you can personalize your pen with an accent you enjoy! Targeted accents help students with comprehension while creating a sense of familiarity. For left and right-handed use.

Features a built-in voice memo recorder with playback and is also a scanner for capturing lines of text and uploading to a PC or Mac, making it ideal for students, teachers, and professionals to capture essential information.

Auto Read: ON reads when you lift the pen up after a scan, OFF reads on demand by toggling the cursor back via the circular button and pressing the center to start.

Quick Set: CLEAR SCREEN clears the text from screen.

Exam Lock Update: 2 settings to this feature: Text Reader mode with PIN unlock. Lock the features leaving just the Text Reader. Dictionary and Text Reader mode with PIN unlock; Lock the features leaving the Dictionary and Text Reader.

Uses a standard micro-USB to USB connector cable (included) for charging and connecting to computers, and a standard 3.5 mm headphone connector. Includes: Built-in Speaker, Rechargeable Battery, Carry Case; USB to Micro-USB Cable; Headphones; Manufacturer's 1-Year Limited Warranty

Note: If you can use a yellow highlighter pen to highlight text in a book or on paper then you should be able to make use of this C-Pen.

Suitable for children (age 6+) and adults.

C-Pen Reader Specifications:
Screen: OLED 256x64
CPU: 600MHz
Memory: 4GB (OS 1G, User 3G)
USB: USB to Micro-USB
Earphone Jack: Standard 3.5mm
Rechargeable Battery: 1200mAh
Scan Font Size Range: 6.5 - 22 pt
Electronic Dictionaries: Collin English 30th Anniversary Dictionary 10th Edition (156,120 words)
Extracted Content: Extracted text saved as a .txt file
File System: FAT-FAT32-NTFS
Menu Languages: English; Spanish
Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC
Dimensions: 135 x 33 x 19mm
Weight: 50g

Package Contents:
- C610R Reader pen
- Carry Case
- Micro-USB to USB Cable
- Instruction Manual
- Headphones

Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:
Products are warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year from date of purchase.


Product Features
- Reads printed text out loud for you promotes independent reading and helps with reading difficulties such as dyslexia and low vision
- Simply pass the nib across a word and the built-in dictionary displays the definition and reads it to you - great to learn pronunciations
- Compact, portable, and light - half the size and weight of other portable pen scanners - easy to carry with you anywhere you like to read
- Both Mac and PC compatible - no software required, just connect the pen with the USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive
- The New Oxford North American Dictionary gives accurate definitions for American spellings


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