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Irishman's Blackthorn Walking Cane



Short Description

Made of natural blackthorn wood, this walking cane perfectly displays the Irish culture and heritage pasted down for generations. This walking cane brings the natural beauty of nature right into your own home. Using the blackthorn wood as a walking aide originated in the 1800's and after years of grooming the wood will still look natural and fresh. The smooth finished derby handle is flawless and is easy to grip making the use of this cane comfortable, yet stylish. Also, the sophisticated handle and the natural state of the shaft can definitely be accepted in the workplace or for sport. The blackthorn shaft is in its natural state with the bark and its natural imperfections. The shaft has a clear coat to protect the bark and wood from weather element damage. The elegant brass ring collar that separates the handle from the shaft adds a perfect touch, making this walking cane both sophisticated and rustic.


Walking Aid


Made of genuine Irish Blackthorn wood
Stylish brass collar
Imported from England
Comes installed with complimentary high-quality rubber tip


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