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Freedom Flow™ II



Short Description

The Freedom Flow™ II is a wireless leg bag emptier that allows people to empty their leg bags whenever they need to.

It is lightweight and easy to use with just the push of a soft button on a remote control. A pinch valve keeps the urinary bag tubing pinched shut, and when the user holds down the button the valve openw, releasing the urine down the tube.

This is ideal for people with limited mobility so that they do not have to rely on assistance for this very personal task. It is quick (emptying a 1000 mL bag in about 15 seconds) and silent.


Releases urine from a urinary leg bag with just a remote control.

The unit can be charged overnight and will last 1-2 weeks. There are no wires and it does not hook up to a power wheelchair. It is portable and easy to take on and off.


The Freedom Flow™ II is different from other electric leg bag emptiers because it uses Shape Memory Alloy wires to operate the valve. This means that no power from the wheelchair has to be used.


Attaching methods: most people use Velcro® to either strap it around their ankle or onto the wheelchair itself. It is whatever works best for the user, but there are multiple options.


The button on the remote control is designed to be easy to push for those with limited finger mobility. The remote control can be kept close by and is on a keychain ring.

Only 1 remote works with it's own device.


Latex tubing is provided that will fit most urinary leg bags. The device can be used with any type of urinary leg bag as long as the tubing is flexible enough to pinch shut.


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