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Eye-Pal Ace by ABiSee



Short Description

Eye-Pal Ace unites exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it a truly accurate revolutionary electronic reader and magnifier.

Read a book on the couch; go through a menu at a restaurant; fill out a form at the doctor's office; accomplish a multitude of other tasks.

A pair of headphones easily plugs in right on the front of the device: keep Eye-Pal Ace reading out loud just to you in a crowded waiting room.


Portable OCR (text to speech) reader with 10" screen


Two auto focus HD cameras.
Rechargeable battery.
Compact, lightweight and ergonomic.
Clear, easy to understand voices.
Audio calender, alarm clock, digital photo album and audio.


Portable OCR (text to speech)


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