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Sapphire by Freedom Scientific



Short Description

Macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and other causes of vision loss no longer will prevent the user from reading small print on menus, maps, receipts, pill bottles, and other items. With the battery-operated SAPPHIRE® handheld magnifier, the user can magnify reading and detailed illustrations from 3.4 to 16 times on a bright, high-contrast display screen while at the store, on trips near and far, and at home as user moves from room to room.


Portable Video Magnifier


Easy to see buttons
Variable reading positions
Collapsible writing stand
Snapshot/Freeze feature
Multiple high contrast reading modes
Reading line and masks
Image save for transfer to computer


Can be used at home or on the go with a generous 7" HD screen


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Vendor: Enhanced Vision Systems, Inc.
Primer Portable CCTV Camera

Primer Portable CCTV Camera
Vendor: Maxi-Aids

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