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Handwriting Slant Board




Slant Boards naturally place your wrist and hand in an optimal position for handwriting which facilitates an effective pencil grasp, promotes better posture, and makes copying from the board easier.


Very durable and lightweight slant boards that provide a smooth 15"x13-1/2" writing surface and a functional 20-degree writing angle for optimal hand positioning when writing. Each one features a metal clip to hold the paper, 4 non-slip rubber feet, smooth polished edges, and a sturdy pencil clip that securely holds the writing tool.


Available in 5 colors: smoke, royal blue, green, clear, or black.


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The Pencil Grip

The Pencil Grip
Vendor: Nasco Specialty Education
Pencil, Pen Grip Deluxe Kit

Pencil, Pen Grip Deluxe Kit
Vendor: Beacon-Ridge LLC

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