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Chef Stir Pan



Short Description

Chef Stir Pan 3.25 Qt. offers stirring assistance while you cook. You can stir fry, sauté, and simmer. This saves you time in the kitchen!


Intermittent stirring and continuous stir with temperature control, easy to use and clean.


--Basic and Everyday Cooking plus Gourmet Cooking, Entertaining and Treats

--Intermittent Stir Braising-Browning
--Caramelizer for Coating Nuts and Granola Roaster-Cooker
--Soup-Sauce Maker and Stew-Chili Maker and Risotto Maker
--Stirring Fondue for Chocolate-Cheese-Oils and Simmer-Slow Cooker
--Fudge-Caramel-Toffee and Treats Maker and Jam Cooker


Low Temp Stirring and Cooking models custom tuned:

--MultiStir for lower temp
--ChocoPrep for low temp treats


•Make it easier to cook while facing the many challenges of a disorder or impairment
•Prevent the worsening of a condition by easing the requirements of cooking and stirring
•Replace required use of a person’s missing limb while cooking to aid in stirring
•Improve a person’s capacity to learn to cook with stirring


Easy controls: ON-OFF power, ON-AUTO for intermittent stir, Simple slide for temperature, dishwasher safe for easy clean-up


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