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Aladdin Apex Basic Monitor

Short Description

The Aladdin Apex incorporates an adjustable 17 inch or 20 inch LCD flat panel monitor with three viewing options: true color mode, positive mode (black text on a low-glare white background), and high contrast negative mode (bright white text on a low-glare black background).<br><br> The Apex Basic features a large, 15.6" x 16.4" smooth non-glare platform which permits reading heavy books. The viewing area of this platform permits reading a full sheet of paper without repositioning. In addition, a large, easy-to-operate lever allows the reader to partially or totally lock the position of the reading table. This feature makes it easier to read horizontal lines and to write. The table also features adjustable drag and margin stops.<br><br> You can raise or lower the screen, bringing the image to eye level. Or slide the screen forward and tilt to enjoy a glare-free image at your optimum reading distance. Also, the monitor folds down providing easy storage.<br><br> <b>Features</b>: <ul> <li>3 viewing options</li> <li>continuous auto focus with manual override provides increased flexibility for your preferred focus needs</li> <li>magnification for 17" model: 4X to 40X and magnification for 20" model: 4.2X to 50X</li> <li>17" model measures 16x 20.5x 18.5 inches and 20 model measures 20x 21.5x 18.5 inches</li> </ul>


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Vendor: Vision Technology
Freedom Machine 22

Freedom Machine 22
Vendor: Vision Technology

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