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MonoMouse-RM Hand Held Black & White Electronic Magnifier

Short Description

The MonoMouse-RM is perfect for reading newspapers, magazines, books, prescription bottles, cooking instructions, food labels, bills, statements and much more. This affordable unit has a simple switch providing three modes for reading, namely regular mode, reverse mode (pure white text on black background), and enhanced mode (pure black text on white background). With quick installation by plugging the MonoMouse-RM into any regular television, the magnifier is ready to use by holding it in your hand just like a tennis ball or computer mouse. Whatever you move your hand over appears magnified, turning your television into a powerful low vision aid. Operation couldn't be easier because you only need to switch to the video channel using your remote control and when you have finished reading, switch back to your favorite channel. The Mono Mouse-RM comes in two models. Low magnification produces 13X Magnification on a 20" TV, and High magnification produces 24X Magnification on a 20" TV. It comes with all necessary attachments including a 6 foot cable attached to the MonoMouse unit. Reverse Mode makes the MonoMouse-RM the choice for anyone with Macular Degeneration. 100% contrast provides the highest level of clarity possible.


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