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Vision Booster Magnifier for Low Vision: Zoom up to 24x

Short Description

Read fine print more easily and see family photos clearly! The Vision Booster Magnifier easily connects to any computer monitor and allows you to view text and pictures magnified up to 24x on the screen. It’s a handy, yet inexpensive device that makes it easier for those with low vision to view maps, recipe cards, crossword puzzles, medicine bottles, pictures, newspapers, books and magazines.Simply plug the Vision Booster into the USB port of your existing computer (requires USB 2.0 and XP or Vista) and place the mouse-shaped device on top of the print or image you want to view. It will magnify 12-point type to 1” high on a 17” monitor. The zoom function makes it up to 3” high. (NOTE: Monitor not included.)Weighs only 7 ounces. Color: Silver.


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