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SmartView Versa Plus Portable CCTV Electronic Magnifier with Multi-Media



Short Description

The SmartView Versa + takes the functionality of a 15x handheld CCTV electronic magnifier with a large 4.3” widescreen color LCD and multiple high-contrast modes, and adds the ability to save images, listen to music and watch movies. The Versa + is unlike any electronic magnifier you’ve ever seen! The autofocus function lets you hold the Versa + at the optimal distance from the object and your eyes. Rest it on the page, use the writing stand or flip out the handle for optimal viewing. Plus, the Versa + utilizes an SD memory card system that allows you to download and play audio and video files. You can even connect it to your TV for maximum magnification!FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS:- Magnification power from 5x to 15x- Autofocus - have a clear view up to around 4 inches (10cm) away from objects- Large screen - See more with a 4.3in (109mm) widescreen color LCD - High-contrast viewing modes - see text in: black on white; white on black; yellow on black; or yellow on blue- Multimedia support - listen to music, make recordings or even view movies- Video Output (NTSC and PAL)- Save, zoom and pan images- Make/play back voice recordings- Play back videos and music- SD memory card- Lightweight - easy to carry and hold (7 oz, 200 grams)- TV connectivity - connect to a TV for increased magnification- Size: 5.5" x 3" x 1"- Weight: 7 oz.HOW IT CAN HELP YOU:At home:- Verify medication labels- Work on your favorite crosswords- Save frequently used phone numbers- Listen to your favorite music- Use your TV for extra large viewingAt work: - Scan reports - View function keys on your phone- Record voice notes- Write messages for colleagues At school:- Study using normal textbooks- Write tests and exams- Listen to music on the bus- Watch your favorite movie- Keep important references as saved imagesPackage includes: Rechargeable batteries, AC power supply, RCA video cable, USB cable, earphones, CD-ROM, writing stand, carrying strap and case


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