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Shoppa 7-inch Portable Handheld Camera for the Visually Impaired

Short Description

Enables you to read a vast array of items more easily in countless locations and situations at home, while running errands, or while traveling. The convenient spiral cord stretches allows you to reach out and read items at arms length while positioning the screen in a comfortable viewing position. Read food labels in your cupboards or in the grocery store; train, bus and plane schedules while away on business or vacation; menus in restaurants; prescriptions, bank statements, children’s schoolwork and so much more. Features easy-to-use brightness and contrast controls for the clearest possible image. Multi-Function - carry it, stand it, lay it down. One-year warranty. 15% Restocking fee on Returns.


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Liberty Solo

Liberty Solo
Vendor: Visual Enhancements, Inc.
Clarity PCmate

Clarity PCmate
Vendor: Clarity
Fusion 7" LCD Portable Video Magnifier Color & Black/White

Fusion 7" LCD Portable Video Magnifier Color & Black/White
Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)

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