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iDEX CCTV - USB Computer-Connected: 2-27x

Short Description

The uniquely designed iDex is a state-of-the-art Computer Connected CCTV for users requiring powerful real time video magnification for both distance viewing and document reading. Students and professionals can now benefit from a contemporary and easy-toľuse solution. The iDex is an advanced magnifier that offers a foldable and lightweight (less than 1 kg) solution. Simply connect to a laptop or desktop PC and see things in full color or different enhanced contrast settings. The iDex is completely compatible with the popular screen enlargement software packages, like Zoomtext. Simply load these packages with iDex and use both applications in split screen simultaneously. The iDex comes with FOCI Vision Studio, the software package that controls the camera. Users can swiftly change text and background colors, turn the auto focus on or off, capture images and adjust contrast and brightness levels TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Magnification: 2 - 27 times (on a 17ö screen) Dimensions (Extended): 240mm x 300mm x 75mm (HxWxD) Dimensions (Folded): 210mm x 55mm x 75mm (HxWxD) Viewing Modes: Full Color, High Contrast Back/White, High Contrast White Black (Negative), Yellow/Blue, Green/Black, Yellow/Black Camera: Auto-Focus 3-in-1 Camera: Self-, Distanceľ and Near Viewing Camera Control: Remote Control with Focus Lock and Freeze function Weight: 1.2 kg including base plate Carrying Bag: Stylish Bag is included Set-Up: Plug-and-Play; Easy Set-Up


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Quick Look
Vendor: Visual Enhancements, Inc.
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Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)

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