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Freedom Machine Desktop Video Magnifier: 26-in.

Short Description

The Freedom Machine, with its exceptional contrast and powerful magnification, is the clear choice in desktop magnifiers for those with low vision and macular degeneration. It's great for reading the newspaper or your favorite novel, viewing the mail or family photos, writing out bills or doing this week's crossword puzzle. The moment you turn on your Freedom Machine you're greeted by a full screen with no glare. No matter what size monitor you choose (from 17" up to 28") the picture quality is brilliant and crisp from corner to corner, and anything you view is a true color experience. The precision glass optics are solid, responsive and crisp. Just put your reading material on the reading tray and you'll see a true image like never before.The Freedom Machine control panel features a color-coded console that provides contrast and performance. Sleek and compact, it has high-profile dials that provide a crisp, responsive feel and buttons for accessing specialty features. Rest your hand anywhere on the control panel and you will gain access to any control using this low vision product.Morning newspapers, magazines, medicine bottles and personal items easily fit on the smooth gliding XY reading table. Two braking levers allow complete control of various table positions. With ball bearing table movement, variable resistance and full stop these truly are industry firsts. Only 1.5-inches above the actual surface of your desk, you can slide objects onto the table instead of placing them. Use the paper stop to square up your reading material every time. A soft-touch knob, located on the arm, makes adjusting the tilt angle of the monitor a breeze. Simply rest your hands on the monitor and move the monitor up, down, backward, forward or tilted. The Freedom Machine is energy efficient, using light emitting diodes (LED's) that offer less energy consumption, longer lifetime, smaller size and reduced mercury. The Freedom Machine ships completely assembled, so all you have to do is take it out of the box and plug it in. There are no extra wires, no module attachments and no monitor assembly. Lightweight, Durable polyurethane unibody construction. 3-Yr Manufacturer's Warranty includes parts, labor and shipping (Monitor not included.) Made in the USA.FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS:XY TABLE: XY table friction braking levers14-in x 13-in. working area1/2-in. retaining edge/paper stopEasily accommodates 12" x 12" Plexiglas sheetCONTROL:Brightness/Contrast switchMagnification control knobMode select control knobMONITOR:LCD flat panel digital technologyMinimum response time (2 ml per second)Minimum contrast ratio (1000 : 1)Minimum brightness 250 cd/m2 (per square meter)Minimum resolution or sharpness of screen image (1280 x 1024 SXGA)Adjustable monitor positioningMinimum color depth (16 million colors)CAMERA:High Definition CompatibleMagnification range: 1.3x to 85x (Depends on monitor size)True color (photo) modeBlack on white polarity modeReverse black on white polarity modeYellow on blue/Blue on yellowYellow on black/Black on yellowBlack on green/Green on blackBlue on white/White on blueLine markers/Window shadesBrightness controlAuto focus


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