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Eye-Flex Electronic Magnifier for Low Vision: 19-inch Monitor

Short Description

Replace your old CCTV with the affordable Eye-Flex Electronic Magnifier, the next generation in magnification for those with low vision. This lightweight, space-saving Low Vision Display Unit is packed with features, starting with 1x to 100x magnifying power and a large, extra-clear 19 color monitor. The gooseneck base can be easily adjusted into the ideal position to suit your needs. Capture/store up to 80 images and view them as a slideshow. A remote control is included for maximum convenience and ease of operation.SYSTEM FEATURES & FUNCTIONALITIES:- The system comes standard with a 19" monitor (optional 24 HD monitor/TV available)- Magnification from 1x to 100x- The Highest Definition/Clarity available- "Goose-Neck" design provides the ability to bend/shape stand into any configuration- Camera (3.2 lens) can easily be moved to take pictures, capture documents at a distance, etc.- Freeze/Real Time capture- Storage of up to 80 images/documents- Picture/document slide show mode- Simplistic remote control operation- Ability to "pan" directly from remote and read a document- Three (3) viewing color options- Easily transported as unit weight is approximately 5-lbs (minus monitor)- Includes a "Place- Mat" which identifies proper setting/location for desired size document- Carry case included- 5-year support/warranty for EYE-FLEX unit


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