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Next Generation Perkins Brailler: Midnight Blue

Short Description

The Next Generation Perkins Brailler creates consistent, superior quality Braille. It takes the functionality and reliability youve come to expect from previous Perkins Braillers and adds convenience features that make it even easier to use and take with you. NEW FEATURES:- Easier to hold and carry - 25 % Lighter than the Classic Perkins Brailler. - Quieter: Keystroke noise is reduced, plus the end-of-line bell is audible but muted - Gentle Touch Keys: Less force required plus keys are lower and easier to reach - Easy-Erase Button: Push it to erase the entire Braille cell - Easy-Grip Handle: The Brailler base is also a handle - Reading Rest: The back panel can be raised to provide a flat surface for reading the page; a raised line on the left side guides the paper into the brailler - Front Panel Margin Guides are easily accessible; no more reaching around the back - Highly durable: Due to a combination of metal inner frame and parts, and high-impact polycarbonate outer shell - Paper-Feed Knobs are easier to hold and turn - High contrast colors between keys and Brailler body for low vision users - Environmentally friendly: Uses recyclable plastic and less oil - Sleek design with tactile-friendly materials - Cool colors: Choose either Raspberry Red or Midnight Blue- Easy to service for minor repairs: The bottom of the Brailler can be unscrewed to access the inner workings (Note: most repairs should be done by a trained Brailler repair specialist.) - Fits most common size paper: 28 cells; fits up to 8-½ inch wide and 14 inch long paper (21.6 cm W X 35.6 cm L)- Product Dimensions: 12L x 10W x 6H (30.5 cm L x 25.4 cm W x 15.2 cm H)- Weight: 7.8 lbs.


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Perkins Brailler
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Perkins Brailler

Perkins Brailler
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