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Freedom Machine by Vision Technology

Short Description

The Freedom Machine desktop video magnifier has an impressive maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200, with adjustable widescreen flat-panel monitor that will allow you control over the essential, everyday activities of your life. With the Freedom Machine, individuals with low vision can correspond with friends and family, read finances, bills and prescriptions, enjoy favorite hobbies and much more.

<b>Features</b>: <ul> <li>fully Assembled One Piece System</li> <li>17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28 inch monitor availability</li> <li>XY table friction braking levers</li> <li>magnification powers 1.3X to 85X </li> <li>contrast ratio; (1000-1)</li> <li>minimum resolution (1280-1024 (SXGA)</li> <li>auto focus</li> <li>monitor tilts both left / right, up / down</li> <li>15 Viewing Modes</li> <li>true color, black on white polarity, reverse black on white, yellow on blue / blue on yellow, yellow on black / black on yellow, black on green / green on black, blue on white / white on blue, line markers and window shading</li> </ul>


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