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Smartview Versa+ Handheld Electronic Magnifier

Short Description

The SmartView Versa+ handheld electronic magnifier is fully and easily adaptable to meet the specific requirements of the user. The contrast mode and magnification can be configured to best match the vision of the user. The auto focus feature lets you hold the Versa at the optimal distance from the object and your eyes, or, rest the Versa on the page, use the writing stand or flip out the handle for optimal viewing. The Versa is so versatile, from hobby work at home and TV viewing, to the array of uses for the workplace and school, the SmartView Versa+ redefines the handheld electronic magnifier.

The SmartView Versa+ combines the traditional electronic magnifier with the features of MP3 and video players, supporting the ability to save, zoom and pan images, listen to music and watch videos.

<b>Features</b> <ul> <li>4.3 Inch color LCD screen</li> <li>Magnification from 5x up to 15x</li> <li>Lightweight and portable at only 7 ounces</li> <li>Easily connects to the TV with the included video cable, for significant magnification</li> <li>Versa+ can freeze an image and then save it in internal memory or on the SD card; saved images can be transferred to your computer </li> <li>Make/playback voice recordings</li> <li>Playback videos and music</li> <li>Viewing modes: full color, black/white, white/black, yellow/blue, yellow/black</li> <li>Includes: AC power supply, RCA video cable, writing stand, carrying strap, protective case, USB cable, earphones, CD-ROM</li> <li>User replaceable rechargeable lithium battery; usage time = 2.5 hours, charge time = 4 hours</li> </ul>


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