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Dazor ScreenLens Color

Short Description

Recently introduced by Dazor, the manufacturer of quality magnifying lamps listed on page 14 of our catalog, the ScreenLens is an electronic magnifier that looks like a lamp. Instead of a glass magnifying lens, it has a flat TFT (Thin Film Technology) screen, which offers a continuous range of magnification of 3X to 13X at the touch of a button. It has a 6.4 (measured diagonally) screen, which is 5.25 wide and 4 high. Simply point the ScreenLens at the object or reading matter, and use it in a line-of-sight manner, as though you are looking through a lens. Instead of regular lights, which are often accompanied by annoying glare, the ScreenLens uses LED lights, which do not cause glare, and which never burn out. The ScreenLens can be connected with a cable to a standard TV set for greater magnification. It is available in a basic clamp model, as well as desk, pedestal and rolling caster styles. Five-year warranty on mechanical parts and one-year warranty on electrical and electronic components. Shipping charges vary from $15.00 to $25.00 according to model chosen.


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