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Keyboard Typing Aid & Button Pusher

Short Description

The Typing Aid helps people with decreased hand function to accurately depress the keys on computers, calculators and telephones. The key depressor will not damage machine keys. This hand aid can also be used as a page turner or as a button pusher for use on microwaves or any device that requires the push of a button. Overall length is 7 1/2". The Type Aid consists of a hard plastic cuff that slips around the hand and an attached metal rod that has a rubber tip. The aid can be used on either hand.


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Slip-On Typing Aid, Left

Slip-On Typing Aid, Left
Vendor: North Coast Medical Inc.
A Slip - On Typing Aid

A Slip - On Typing Aid
Vendor: Disability Products
Slip-On Typing Aid

Slip-On Typing Aid
Vendor: S&S Worldwide

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