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Apex 20" Flat Screen CCTV

Short Description

Enjoy reading books and magazines, doing crossword puzzles and examining hard-to-see objects such as pill bottles - all with the ease of the Aladdin Apex's adjustable flat panel screen. The Aladdin Apex incorporates an adjustable 20" LCD flat panel monitor with the same color and professional features found in the rest of the reliable Telesensory Aladdin family (17 inch screen available at #289112). With the Apex you can raise or lower the screen, bringing the image to a comfortable eye level. Or slide the screen forward and tilt to enjoy a glare-free image at your optimum reading distance. The monitor folds down to provide easy storage when not in use.


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Apex 20" Flat Screen CCTV

Apex 20" Flat Screen CCTV
Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)
Freedom Machine 22

Freedom Machine 22
Vendor: Vision Technology

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