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Fusion 7" LCD Portable Video Magnifier Color & Black/White

Short Description

Fusion represents the latest design and style in portable CCTV video magnifiers for people with low vision. Fusion is the only two-in-one portable model available, allowing the user to choose to operate the magnifier as a single-unit or as a dual-unit (separate the mouse camera from the monitor unit) depending on the user's preference to accommodate tasks like reading thick bound books or labeling on bottles. Fusion magnifies 6X-18X by adjusting the roller atop the mouse camera. Press the right mouse button to select Color, B/W or Reverse image. Toggle the left mouse button to change from the original-size to double-size magnification. Enhance the image intensity via the Brightness dial on the monitor panel. Easily prop Fusion onto its two fold down stands for writing. Fusion is the only portable video magnifier that compacts "laptop-style", so the LCD screen is better protected from scratches and more secure while in transport. It measures 7.25" x 7.25" x 2.25" and weighs only 3 pounds. Fusion has a preinstalled 3-hour rechargeable battery, for totally wireless portability, or plug in the power supply for extended use or to recharge. Fusion is ideal for most low vision people who want to be mobile and remain active. For those who struggle to read with an optical magnifier due to macular degeneration, Stargardt's, RP, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, or other visual impairment, Fusion's variable magnification, contrast, and video enhancement benefits may help to read more comfortably and effectively. Fusion is cool for students, especially its "laptop-style" look and compactness. Carry Fusion in its shoulder strap case or just slide it into a backpack. Fusion is the perfect mobile companion for the employee who needs to take it into a meeting, on a business trip, or between home and office. Fusion is convenient for any low vision person to take to a restaurant, to visit friends or relatives, to the library, or even from room-to-room around the house. A $30.00 manufacturer's restocking fee will be charged on returned units.


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