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Clarity Lynx Portable Magnifier 2X to 40X

Short Description

The Lynx portable magnifier offers a compact design that will fit easily into any work space from a desktop to a countertop to fit any lifestyle. The self contained system offers 3 hours of battery life with over 10 inches of viewing space and weighs only 8 pounds. Magnification range is from 2X - 40X. Lightweight, large screen, and long battery life makes this product a truly ideal solution for those of you who need more magnification than handheld magnifiers can offer. Choose color, positive or negative text, or yellow on blue viewing mode and adjust brightness to best suit your needs for optimal reading and writing results. The handy mouse camera gives you total control for reading at a pace comfortable for you. The main camera for the unit gives you the ability to view pictures, objects, read and write, and even distance view with ease. The adjustable arm is made for you to set the camera to fit your personal viewing needs perfectly. A quick turn of the camera and you are distance viewing instantly. It even offers our Quick release option allowing you the freedom to create additional magnifiers to fit your lifestyle. Like all Clarity products, Lynx is backed by our lifetime warranty (one year for internal batteries) and our superior customer service. This product is individually handcrafted in the USA.


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