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Clarity 19 Inch Discovery CCTV 4X to 80X

Short Description

The Clarity Discovery is the video magnification solution for you if your primary needs for magnification include reading, writing, and other close-up tasks. View three-dimensional items, such as prescription bottles, with amazing sharpness and see your favorite photos in full color! Discovery features Clarity's easy to use controls for smooth, easy focusing, contrast adjustment, and a one touch power switch. Fitting comfortably in any home or office, the Discovery's monitor tilt feature allows you position the super sharp 19" high contrast LCD screen for optimal viewing. Like all Clarity products, Discovery is backed by a lifetime warranty. This product is individually handcrafted in the USA. " magnifiers 4X to 80X on the 19" monitor " has three images to select from Color, White on Black and Black on White " Dimension 19" x 14" X-Y Table Top " Vertical Movement: 8" " Horizontal Movement: 15" " Working Distance: 6-1/2"


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ELG Color Video Magnifier

ELG Color Video Magnifier
Vendor: Eschenbach Optik of America Inc.

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