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Magnisight Explorer CCTV

Short Description

The Explorer CCTV offers impressive magnification and clarity that allows individuals with low vision to feel more independent and capable of daily life management. This CCTV is capable of enriching the daily life of anyone with low vision.

<b>Features:</b> <ul> <li>available in 17", 19", or 22" LCD Screen for WIDE Screen Viewing</li> <li>magnification from 4x to 70x depending on monitor size</li> <li>mounted to adjustable arm for easy height, tilt, and turn</li> <li>simplified controls & one piece design</li> <li>simple easy-to-use focus and zoom controls</li> <li>wide range contrast control for ideal picture adjustment </li> <li>variable brightness control for individual contrast needs </li> <li>separate camera/monitor design allows for inline or side by side viewing</li> <li>read newspapers, letters, and prescriptions, write checks, and view photos and maps </li> <li>optional: Select-A-Color, Line Marking/Windowing and PC compatibility</li> </ul>


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Max Digital Hand Held Black and White Electronic Magnifier

Max Digital Hand Held Black and White Electronic Magnifier
Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)

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