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Prisma Magnification System

Short Description

Using your own TV or PC monitor (using an optional adapter), you can have a full color desktop style electronic magnifier that does not require holding the camera or installing it into a stand - at a very affordable price. It magnifies from 4X to 35X on a 14" and 6X to 53X on a 20" monitor in either full color or white on black or black on white, whichever is best for your vision. When traveling or for storage it collapses to the size of a 2½" thick page size book, weighing under 3 lbs. Comes with a hardsided briefcase. One year limited warranty.<Br>
**Prisma TV Kit is required to change PC connection to TV with foot switch ( not included) ***<Br>
<b>Product Features</b> <ul> <li>Not equipped with Auto Focus but requires a slight turn of black button on top to focus.</li> <li>The camera at the lowest magnification will be 2" above the paper and at the highest magnification will be about 10" above the paper.</li> <li>Slate that camera is attached to measures 16 1/4 deep by 9 3/4 across.</li> </ul>


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