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Primer(TM) Electronic Magnifying Reader

Short Description

When a magnifying glass becomes too difficult to use, and a traditional CCTV is too expensive, Primer is the answer! You simply roll this little camera over the page of a book or side of a medicine bottle and it will automatically focus the text onto your own television monitor. Focus-free Primer displays images in normal and both positive and negative enhanced modes, on round or flat surfaces. The Primer has a built-in roller to stabilize tracking, and a one-button control making it very easy to use. When used with a 20 inch television set, it magnifies from 8X to 15X. On a 13 inch set it magnifies from 5X to 11X. Changes magnification by moving away from page. Can only move about 1 inch for auto-focus to work. Comes with a power cord and switch to select television viewing or monitor function. Uses antenna connection on TVs. For use with a computer needs a PC connection that runs $200. This includes necessary software and hardware.

Shipping and handling for this item will include an additional non-standard packaging fee of $10.00. There is also a $30.00 restocking fee for returns of this item.

This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow extra time for delivery.


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Vendor: Clarity

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