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50db Amplified Phone W/Caller ID

Short Description

Phone amplification up to 50dB with customizable tone control. Beyond all the obvious features, an optional bed shaker (sold separately) a flashing ring strobe, and a full speaker phone with up to +15dB of amplification make this amplified phone a standout. Large 1" buttons with 11 memory keys and 3 emergency keys. 95dB extra loud ringer. 3-level Speech Output Control adjusts outgoing voice volume up to 12dB. Hearing aid compatible - 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio jack for headset, neck loop, t-hook silhouette, or patch cord.


Assists people who are hard of hearing with phone use.


Desk or wall-mount.


Uses four (4) AAA batteries (NI) for large LCD display.


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Emergency Response Telephone W/Caller ID

Emergency Response Telephone W/Caller ID
Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)
Tele-Talker Enhanced

Tele-Talker Enhanced
Vendor: Maxi-Aids
Fanstel EzPro 56 dB Amplified Corded Phone

Fanstel EzPro 56 dB Amplified Corded Phone
Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)

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