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Aumax LCD 19



Short Description

The most advanced portable desktop reader with both near and distance viewing attached to a fast 19" LCD screen.


Magnifies images and text and displays them via a monitor or projector.


Multi-purpose low vision CCTV designed with Aumed Anti-Blur™ technology. Provides clear, smooth and bright images. Dual control panels on the revolving camera facilitate both left and right hand operation. Distant, near and self viewing in different places, including office, home and school. White balance function minimizes interference of ambient light. Can also connect to a digital projector or PC. Specifications: 19” wide screen LCD. 3.5×~79 × magnification. 7 color display modes. Auto focus. Seek & find capability. Dual VGA connections.


Travel case with luggage wheels for $149. Beautifully functional xy table for $269. Remote control pad adds additional functions: Freeze frame; focus lock; white balance; auto-manual focus; line marker (interval adjustable); left/right hand operation.


This new device has the best reading and distance camera we have seen on a machine perfect for education, home use, a person who has two homes or travels a lot in a car.


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