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Traveller Portable Video Magnifier

Short Description

This full color, portable video magnifier is a workhorse designed for people on the move. Traveller's bright color 6.4-inch screen magnifies text and pictures up to 16 times, and 'stands up' to allow you to write letters and take notes. Continuous auto-focus provides instant readability. Chose between full color or black and white viewing and positive/negative mode for enhanced contrast. The Traveller is portable, easily fits into convenient carrying case when you are on the move. Flexible tilt screen allows you to position the screen for maximum comfort and visibility. Comes with a 2-hour rechargeable battery and energy-saving automatic shut-off. Simple to operate, one-button functionality. Easily connects to any television for increased magnification (magnification dependent on screen size). Built-in rollers slide unit smoothly across reading materials. Convenient carry-case included.


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