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The View Portable CCTV

Short Description

Even the most sight-impaired individuals can have a room filled with views...of anything they desire! Whether it is the television set, the newspaper, the chalkboard, or the scenery outside your window, the VIEW(tm) will bring it to you in full focus. Don't spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars more trying to read, write and live independently. The VIEW represents the most variable, state-of-the-art video magnification design available. With the monitor easily postured anywhere from the X-Y table up to 14-1/2", that kink in the neck for people shorter in stature will be gone forever. See images at YOUR level, not the level of the designer. The camera moves 360 degrees on a horizontal plane and 240 degrees on a vertical plane for the most flexible positioning system. The monitor and controls can be positioned directly in front of the user, regardless of their height. In addition, unlike other systems with buttons on the camera, our buttons are placed strategically on the monitor, precisely at the userís point of focus.


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Max 12" Portable Viewing Panel

Max 12" Portable Viewing Panel
Vendor: Enhanced Vision Systems, Inc.
Quick Look

Quick Look
Vendor: Visual Enhancements, Inc.

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