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ViVo Mouse


$479.00 (software only)

Short Description

The ViVo Mouse uses a webcam and sophisticated image-processing software to find and track the motions of your head. Since it uses the video image, no dots, hats, or other attachments to the user are needed.


Moves the mouse pointer according to your head motions
Performs clicks, selections, drags, and drops
Types individual keyboard characters or full dictation


No dots or attachments need be worn
Built-in speech-recognition commands allow clicking and voice-based pointer control
Context sensitivity automatically adjusts to the task being performed
Compatible with popular speech-recognition programs, or uses built-in speech recognition interface


The software can be purchased separately, or can be purchased bundled with a webcam and / or microphone.


Also includes sophisticated dwell-clicking capabilities for those who prefer not to use voice-operated commands.


Windows XP or Vista


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