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Freedom Machine 19

Short Description

Allows you control over the essential, everyday activities of your life: corresponding with friends and family, reading finances, bills and prescriptions, read books and newspapers, write letters, enjoying your favorite hobbies and much more.


No glare glass optics integrated with 1440 x 900 monitor resolution and 3.0x - 76x magnification. 19 inch widescreen flat panel high definition monitor (HDMI). Always Autofocus. Fully adjustable monitor arm extends 9 inches above the table. Easy to use knob controls, color coded for optimal use. Slim profile. Maneuverable reading table with braking levers, variable resistance and full stop. Ergonomic features compliment modern day interior decor. LED lighting system is rated for over 100,000 hours.


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SmartView 3000

SmartView 3000
Vendor: HumanWare

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