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See-More Simplicity Side-by-Side 24 inch



Short Description

CCD BLACK & WHITE READING SYSTEM. CCTV MAGNIFICATION SYSTEMS. We have chosen these CCTVs for their quality and reliability, using name brand monitors such as Zenith or Sony etc. The SeeMore Simplicity Reading System comes with a clear, crisp image with virtually no lag or bloom in either positive or reverse modes. Magnifies print from 4x to 60x. Comes equipped with easy to read, large print manual. All CCTVs have a 100% two-year parts and labor warranty along with our promise to repair & replace damaged goods. We also have a return policy which is a 100% refund, not including shipping, if the unit is returned within 30 days of delivery. This is a side-by-side unit; stand is not included.


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Intel Portable Capture Station

Intel Portable Capture Station
Vendor: Maxi-Aids

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