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Quicklook Focus Portable Video Magnifier - 2MP for Low Vision

Short Description

The Quicklook Focus is the first and only portable video magnifier with near distance electronic focus and variable magnification. It is ideal for persons who are dealing with vision loss, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, RP, and other low vision conditions. Many people who struggle with the fixed magnification and small lens area of an optical magnifying glass, can read and write more clearly and comfortably with the QuickLook Focus. It features a 3x-18x zoom magnification range, 4.3” LCD wide screen display, brightness enhancement and choice of Positive (Black and White) or Reverse image display. Read the menu in a restaurant, labeling on prescription bottles, recipes in the kitchen, review mail order catalogs and the TV program listings more easily. The near distance electronic focus with variable magnification feature gives you the added flexibility to hold it at a short distance and see more clearly, such as when scanning product prices and labels on a supermarket shelf, viewing a library bookshelf or reading public postings and signs. While in the Near Distance mode, the user may choose either the “auto-focus” or “on push-button focus,” depending on the task and their personal preference. Take the Quicklook Focus with you anywhere and read virtually anything, anytime. It’s a self-contained unit. No computer is necessary.Specifications: Near distance electronic focus3 - 18x digital zoomMultiple semi-color text/background choices6 brightness levels for image enhancementOn-screen magnification level display Freeze frame imageOn-screen menu for custom settingsIntegrated Tilt Angle Writing CameraSize: 6.5"x3.75"x1"Lightweight only 8.8 ounces4+ hour battery run time3 hour recharge timeBattery status indicatorBattery saver auto power offRubberized grip for easy holdingHold in your hand in any positionCase includedTwo-year limited warrantyScreen: High brightness 4.3"diagonal 16:9 aspect, TFTliquid crystal displayBattery: Custom single cell lithium ionPower consumption: 15W operation, 35W recharging and operating. Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz. Input to QuickLook Zoom: 5V DC center positive 2.5AStorage Temp: 15F to 100FOperating Temp: 40F to 90F


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Sapphire by Freedom Scientific
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