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Primer Portable CCTV Camera

Short Description

The Primer is designed for people now using a traditional magnifying glass to help with reading and vision problems caused by retinal disease. If you now use a magnifying glass that has a power of 25 to 30 diopters or more, the PRIMER can make reading and daily living tasks much easier. The PRIMER, used with an ordinary 20-inch television set (not included), has equivalent magnification of 30 to 60 diopters, allowing you to take the next step into higher magnification without the difficulties of using high power optical magnification. The focus-free PRIMER displays images in normal and both positive and negative enhanced modes, on round or flat surfaces. The PRIMER has a built-in roller to stabilize tracking, and a one-button control making it very easy to use. With clear and steady CCD camera images, the PRIMER's smooth, tactile surface is easy to hold. The PRIMER uses a power cord that connects at either end of the unit, at your choice; complete with automatic switching between television viewing and magnification. NOTE: The television is shown for illustrative purposes only. It is not included.


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Vendor: Visual Enhancements, Inc.
Pico - Portable Video Magnifier

Pico - Portable Video Magnifier
Vendor: Independent Living Aids Inc. (ILA)

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