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TOPAZ® Desktop Video Magnifier


$1945.00 - $3495.00

Short Description

The TOPAZ is a personal low vision center - powerful magnification yet easy to use - and an invaluable reading aid for those with a degree of vision loss.


Magnifies reading, photos, mail, bills, hobbies and games and three-dimensional objects like food can labels and medicine bottles. The brightest display and crispest contrast on the market.


Magnification varies by model and monitor. The top of the line 22" LCD monitor magnifies from 3x to 82x.


Flat-screen, wide-screen, standard CRT monitor, and camera-only models are available.


Adjustable screen height and tilt for your viewing comfort (LCD monitor only); Magnification dial adjusts in small increments or wide sweeps; Color simple, up-front accessible controls for color selection and brightness;
Position Locator Beam - Easily guides you to exact document placement;
Reading Table - Generous size, with fingertip control and wide side-to-side motion


100-240V AC single wall plug


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Explorer - LCD series

Explorer - LCD series
Vendor: Magnisight Inc.

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