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MonoMouse-USB CCTV Magnifier- Black and White for PC

Short Description

High quality, simple and affordable Electronic Magnifier for people with low vision. The goal is simple: give back independence to people who have difficulty reading small print. With the aid of this ergonomic and easy to use product, people who suffer from vision loss can enjoy reading everything from the daily newspaper to the latest author, and can easily view everyday items -- from food labels to prescription bottles. Its compact size only slightly larger than a standard computer mouse makes it comfortable to handle. Works with any desktop or notebook PC using USB2.0 and Windows XP or Vista. Displays a crisp, clear black and white image. Simply resize the image on your PC to change magnification. Plugs directly into any USB 2.0 port. User-friendly full function utility software and 5 ft. easy store cable included. Order yours today and bring the pleasure of reading into your life!See our complete product line and choose the model that best fits your lifestyle.Quick Guide to Product Line:MonoMouse: displays Black Type on White ScreenMonoMouse-RM: (Reverse Mode) gives option of Black on White or White on Black ColorMouse: displays in Full ColorColorMouse-RM: displays in Full Color, Black on White, or White on Black


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