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InSight VGA 900 System

Short Description

The InSight VGA 900 System takes your computer connectivity to a new level. Horizontal and vertical split screen mode allows you to view your magnified printed material simultaneously with your computer's VGA image. Picture in Picture (PIP) mode creates a resizable window which can be conveniently placed anywhere on the monitor screen leaving you access to all your important application tools. Three memory presets with one available for start-up mode, giving you flexibility for viewing a wide variety of materials with your favorite settings. Selectable color provides a variety of color combinations to suit your preference. Line markers, horizontal and vertical, allow you to define a specific line of text or area on the screen. Window shading, horizontal and vertical, covers the unnecessary material above and below the area being viewed with see-through shading. Camera offers "true" color auto-focus and a foot switch that makes it easy to change from full screen BGA to full screen magnified image. Responsive soft-touch controls and one touch electronic braking controls make it easy to use. All this in a unique inner frame of steel construction for strength and durability. With your computer and monitor, this system will let you see and use computer programs easily. Wide range of magnification: 4x 60x on a 15" monitor, 5x 75x on a 17" monitor. Specifications - Base Dimensions: 19" W x 18-1/4" D x 12" H. Weight: 16 lbs. Lighting: LED lights rated for 100,000 hours. X-Y Table Top - Surface Dimensions: 14-1/2" L x 19" W. Vertical Movement: 8". Horizontal Movement: 15". Working Distance: 6-1/2". Computer and monitor shown for demonstrative purposes only and are not included.


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