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InSight Color Auto Focus CCTV with 14 inch Monitor

Short Description

The InSight Color Auto Focus is great for viewing catalogs, reading mail, writing out bills or doing this week's crossword puzzle. With responsive soft-touch controls, one-touch electronic braking and powerful magnification of up to 60x, you'll find reading so much easier. You'll receive a camera base with a surface dimension of 14-1/2" L x 19" W for optimum viewing, along with a 14" monitor. Change the settings for true color viewing, enhanced black on white or reverse white on black; whatever is best for your reading and viewing pleasure. Technical specifications: Monitor - 14" screen. Magnification: 4x - 60x. X-Y Table Top - Vertical Movement: 8". Horizontal Movement: 15". Working Distance: 6-1/2" and a push button electronic table for writing and task work.


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