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Eye-Q Pocketsized Portable Video Magnifier for Low Vision



Short Description

IT’S CUTE AND IT’S CLEAR! The Pocketsize Video Magnifier is the perfect portable tool to support the active lifestyle of those with low vision. It allows you to see price tags and bottle labels, view photographs, read maps and even sign important documents more easily... all while you’re “on the go.” And it’s simple to use – its 2 large main operating buttons (one round and one square) are easy to locate by touch. Just hold either button down for 3 seconds to turn the magnifier on and you’re ready to go!DISPLAY MODES… Choose the ideal viewing mode to match your unique needs: 1. True Color Mode lets you see items in full color, 2. Positive Mode displays the subject as black print on a white background, 3. Negative Mode displays as white print on a black background. Whatever mode you choose, the sharp, high-contrast LCD gives you the clearest possible image. Freeze Mode lets you capture an image (take a picture of the item you’re viewing) and display it on the screen temporarily so you can examine it more closely. This feature is especially helpful for those with arthritis, Parkinson’s and dexterity difficulties.MAGNIFICATION RANGES… The Pocketsize Video Magnifier uses optical and digital magnification, and gives you the ability to get an additional boost by viewing the image on your TV screen. Optical Magnification is adjusted by changing the distance between the camera lens and the target item. A Digital Zoom Button on the side of the unit allows you to change the digital zoom from 1x to 2x in both Standard and Freeze mode. This combination gives you a magnification range of 4x to 15x. Using the Video Output jack and the included cables, the magnifier may also be connected to any television equipped with video input jacks, providing an even larger image.USE AS A WRITING AID… A convenient stand built into the back of the magnifier swings out on demand, allowing you to rest it on a surface and giving you the added flexibility to read longer text, sign important documents and write short notes.OTHER FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS:- Extra Wide Viewing Angle displays more words in a printing column - High-resolution full color anti-glare 16:9 TFT-LCD wide screen- Long Depth of Field, with a working distance between 0.61 inches and 1.24 inches- Measures 5.9” Long x 3.1” Wide x 1.1” High- Weighs 0.52 lbs. (235 grams)- One Year Limited Manufacturer’s WarrantyPackage includes:Video Magnifier with Rechargeable Lithium BatteryA/C Power AdapterUser’s GuideVideo CableCarrying CaseProduct dimensions (imperial): 1.09 inch H x 5.89 inch L x 3.12 inch WProduct dimensions (metric): 28 mm H x 151 mm L x 80 mm W


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Vendor: Visual Enhancements, Inc.

Vendor: Visual Enhancements, Inc.

Vendor: Magnisight Inc.

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