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Northwestern Bell Large Button Cordless Phone with Call Waiting and Caller ID

Short Description

Northwestern Bell Large Button Cordless Phone provides a 40 channel auto scan, 20 number memory and handset vibration on incoming calls. The Braille augmented keypad and large backlit keypad buttons make this phone suitable for those with low vision or the blind. Other features include: an extra-loud ringer, in-use/charge LED indicator, handset receiver volume control, mute, your choice of English, Spanish or French, compander noise reduction, last number redial, auto-answer, tone or pulse dial, speakerphone, base-to-handset page, and is hearing aid compatible. This fully-functional phone also has the following features, but please note that you must subscribe to these services through your phone company for the functions to operate: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail and Message Waiting. Includes jack for headset; headset not included. For use on desk or wall mountable. 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


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