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TetraMouse XS & XA2


$349.00 - $449.00

Short Description

Dual joystick mouth-operated mouse.


Allows control of the computer mouse without use of the hands.


Dual mouth-operated joysticks provide mouse pointer position and up to 8-button functions, click & hold and scrolling with 4 user-adjustable pointer speeds (TMXS) or speed proportional to joystick displacement (TMXA2).


Various knob options available including cup-shaped knobs for people with no head movement to operate mouse with tongue. Comes in 1000s of possible color combinations. Optional articulated arm mounting system.


30-day money back satisfaction guarantee and lifetime transferable parts & labor guarantee.


Works on any computer or other device with any operating system or firmware that can use a standard USB mouse. No software installation required.


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TetraMouse XS & XA2

TetraMouse XS & XA2
Vendor: TetraMouse
Tracker One

Tracker One
Vendor: Maxi-Aids

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