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E Z Keys for Windows - No speech




Provides alternate computer access methods to users who find keyboard and/or mouse use difficult.


Multiple input modes include assisted keyboard, mouse/mouse emulation, switch and joystick scanning, morse code, etc. Provides word completion, next word prediction, and abbreviation expansion capability to accelerate typing speed and to reduce fatigue.


'Voice' version for users who do need a communication device.


Manufactured by Words + Inc.; distributor for NC, SC and Eastern TN only. Designed for users who have a third-grade reading level or above.


Windows 95 or higher, 133 MHz computer or faster, 16 MB RAM, 10 MB free disk space.


More in this product category: Multiple input computer system


Vendor: Westminister Technologies
DiscoverPro 2.3

DiscoverPro 2.3
  • Madentec Limited
  • EnableMart
Darci Too

Darci Too
Vendor: WesTest Engineering Corporation

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