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AmTryke Pro Series Foot Cycle with Saddle Seat and Plastic Back, 12 Inches



Short Description

Lets children with physical functional limitations ride a tricycle. This cycle was developed in response to requests from therapists for a traditional tricycle for riders with special needs. This positive drive tryke is designed with 12 inch front and rear pneumatic wheels. Four way adjustable seat positions allow seat to move up/down and front/back to accommodate different size riders. The ProSeries 1412 can be adapted with a wide variety of seating options and accessories so that most riders can feel safe and secure. Comes with a padded saddle seat with a 58 inch lap strap. Plastic seatback features two 40 in chest straps. The plastic back can be shifted up and down or forward and back. Assembly required. Arm Length (top of arm to middle of hand): 14 - 22 inches. Leg Length (inseam to bottom of shoe): 16 - 24 inches. Riders Height: 36 - 42 inches. Max weight: 125 lb.
Positive drive action means foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect
Safety steering lock pin for three graduated steering positions: straight, 20 deg left/right, free steering
Self-righting pedals with heel and instep hook and loop straps
Black poly hook/loop chest and lap straps
Four-way adjustable seating
Side pull-caliber brake with built-in lock for easy transfer of rider
Locking cam levers for easy adjustments
Saddle seat with plastic seat back
Positive drive action means foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect
Weighted self-righting pedals
Pedal plates with heel trap, instep and toe straps
Loading lock for easy transfer of rider
Quick release cam levers for easy handlebar adjustments
Safety helmet is included
Steel wire basket


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