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PowerLink 4 Control Unit




Provides remote, switch access to electronic devices.


Operate up to two electrical appliances with the compact PowerLink 4 switch. Easy set up with built-in display and a simple new design. Flexible outlets allow custom positioning of up to two appliances. Accurate programming and data collection. Two switch input jacks. Six modes of control, including: direct mode (acts like a traditional switch), timed seconds (runs appliance from 1 to 99 seconds), timed minutes (runs appliance from 1 to 99 minutes) and latch mode (first activation turns appliance ON and the second turns it off).


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The AutonoMEgo

The AutonoMEgo
Vendor: Accessibility Services, Inc

Vendor: GSTS Designs
X10 Universal Modules

X10 Universal Modules
Vendor: Smarthome, Inc.

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